Crappy Action Dude Comics is a underground comic produced by plan9 Productions Inc. out of a hidden location in  Deerfiled, Wisconsin. We are an independant comic that said "screw you comic industry! We do it for the ART TO ENTERTAIN!"  we have been featured in the Chicago Sun Times, The, Terror Beyond the, Svengoolie, Wizard World Up and coming artists and the Isthmus.


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All photos and written material is by Shaun "Genghis" Kangas

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A New Issue is up after almost two years of dormancy!!!

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WE ARE BACK!!! WEEE ARE BACK!  That is right we actually have a NEW COMIC DONE FOR YOU!!!

Months into the making we give you "The Ballard of Willie"

read it in our New issue tab!

This Issue and every issue of Crappy Action Dude Comics is brought to you by the following promotional consideration:

Car Models done by Rich Ritter

Our comic is sponsered by Tony Sledgehead's Used Cars. A used car dealer from Madison, WI. Here is a collection of his ads, and extras.

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